IMFEOCOM order Form

Please print clearly. When order form is completed, mail to INFOCOM, PO. Box 478, Cresskill, N.J. 07626

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Computer Brand

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Address Your age range (Please check the correct box) 1) 12-17 (11824 (25-35 03649 CF 50+

ei eel ee ee | ; Please indicate the payment method you choose. City State aie Make check payable to INFOCOM, Inc. (Please do not send cash.) C) Check (C) Money Order O MasterCard O Visa O American Express

County tat US TIIITLE Trt )3=«C rs [11] _ Rea Card Number Exp. date

Telephone Nummer aye) Save time: Call 1-800-262-6868 to place your credit moe ree)

If you have ever received anything from us at another address, card order by phone. Overseas and Canada Call ads help us update our records by entering 201-567-8723. (There will be a $2.00 call-in charge for

your previous zip code here: [LETT] orders under $15.00) Catalogue No. Total Price

Subtotal For N.J. residents only. Add 6% sales tax

Add $2.00 postage and handling for each game ordered

If you are ordering from outside the U.S., add the export handling charge of $2.00. Make check out in U.S. currency want air delivery outside the U.S., Canada and Mexico (otherwise mailed surface): add $3.00 per Hint Book Set, T-shirt, or poster; add $8.00 per game; and add $20.00 per Cornerstone

TOTAL ENCLOSED Signature | Date GIFT COUPON GIFT COUPON FREE with Order of $75 FREE with Order of $125 Choose Any 1 Gift Choose Any 2 Gifts 064/128 APPLE I IBM AMIGA MAC ATARI ST ATARI XEXL (64/128 APPLET IBM AMIGA MAC ATARI ST ATARI XEXL. peatee LC) £) CI C4... DALINE [L] [LJ] OOOO susrennen “1] (2) (J Labsbade ben. B] ssPeNDED L] LJ] OI OO nmL L]) (WOOO nmE CL] (JT OOOO srarcnoss LI EJ}. LICL) CL) 2 srarcross L] CL] OOOO wiiness LJ bos Eb fl bel. EP aa wmes L] 7TOOOO Phone Order Authorization Number 010588. Phone Order Authorization Number 010588.

Limit 1 coupon per order Cou pon expires August 31, 1988 Limit 1 coupon per order Coupon expires August 31, 1988

Dear International Customer,

As you can see from the rest of this issue of The Status Line, major changes are happen- ing with the way we at Infocom are conducting our direct mail business. We know that once Triton has settled into place, we will be offering all of our customers the absolute finest in mail and phone service .

In the meantime, however, Triton is not yet able to process international orders. There- fore, all orders from folks outside of the United States and Canada should still be sent to our fulfillment firm in Cresskill, NJ. They will still be offering you all of the services they have been offering Infocom customers.

But don't feel as if you're being left out in the cold! All the special prices you see in this issue of The Status Line apply to you as well, plus you can get any one title listed in red (Dead- line, Suspended, Infidel, Starcross, Witness) ABSOLUTELY FREE if your order exceeds $75.00! Or you can get any TWO of them ABSOLUTELY FREE if your order exceeds $125.00!

To place your order, simply fill out this order form carefully and completely and mail it

back to us at: Infocom International Orders, P.O. Box 478, Cresskill, NJ 07626, USA

(Please use the following codes, not the ones in the catalogue, when ordering from Cresskill. Both the product code and the system code should both be written in the Catalogue No. space on the order form.) |

Product Codes

*Tane Mastodon Infocomic SL1- The Witness IM2- *Gamma Force Infocomic SG1- Suspect IM3- *ZorkQuest No. 1 Infocomic SZ1- Moonmist IM5- *ZorkQuest No. 2 Infocomic SZ2- Classic Mystery Library Tt. *Beyond Zork TZ8- Deadline IM1- * Sherlock CS1- Plundered Hearts IR1- *Border Zone IE1- Zork Trilogy TTI. *Nord and Bert IC3- Stationfall 1S6- Hollywood Hijinx [A4- Lurking Horror IH1- Cutthroats IA3- Comerstone BC1-IB1 Infidel IAL- System Codes a eae ae Apple II series -AP1

Hitchhiker's Guide IS4- Reacincnah “AP? *Planetfall IS3- Atari XL/XE ‘ATI * A Mind Forever Voyaging IS5- Atari ST AT? *Science Fiction Classics IT4- Commodore 64/128 Ol ete, ana Commodore Amiga -CO4 Zork I 172- Commodore 128 ONLY -COS5 Zork II 173- IBM and 100% compatibles -IB1 Starcross IS1- aprartess HEE) Suspended 1S2- IBM and MS-DOS compatibles -IB2

(non starred titles only)

Enchanter [ZA- -

Scsteareiy IZ5- InvisiClues -INV Spellbreaker [Z6- 8 Trilogy se (Please note that non-Infocom titles (Portal, eis 1C2. Maniac Mansion, Faery Tale Adventure, Hacker, *| eather Goddesses ict: Hacker I, Might and Magic, Shanghai) are not Ballyhoo IM4- available in this offer.)

*Wishbringer [Z0-